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A Brief Statement About My Current, Personal Work


When I photograph someone, need that person to be willing to take part in a fiction that they have no possible way of understanding. They know that I am not taking a snapshot of them to show others how they look. They've been given a mood board to get a feeling for the tone of the shoot. Along with a wardrobe and prop list, that's all they know in advance.

All these people have lives complete with feelings, problems, relationships, and all the elements that fill our days. In my photos, they are also symbols. They're willingly objectified and I use their image to tell various stories. When I'm at a photo session of this kind, the model is simply positioned in a specific setting, my lights are arranged, and I press the shutter button on my camera. What I do with that image during the editing process has little to do with the person in the photo. 

In the realm of digital editing, there is no such thing as a 'happy accident'. Every visible bit of clothing, skin, and set is accepted, altered, or rejected. Each procedure requires a conscious, carefully made decision on my part. The model is nowhere in sight. Every photograph I do is a self-portrait.

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