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   Composite Images

The images on this page are made by combining and manipulating photos from different locations, times, and sources. Some incorporate scans of old negatives from the days when I worked with film and darkrooms. The images are from all over the world and are combined so that the finished photo alters the meaning of each individual component and creates a new, poetic interpretation of a scene.

I've shown these in numerous 
exhibitions and they are in private collections worldwide.

Thank you for taking the time to look carefully at them.

You will find many of them for sale as prints and in a variety of other formats if you click the 'shop for my prints' button at the top of each webpage.

NRH WALL TIFF 16.25X24_edited.jpg
The Clamp of Memory
Rain in Amsterdam, Clear Skies in Soho
Ann at the Studio
A Walk Downtown
The Little Sparrow
Paris Cafe; Waiting for a Nightmare, 2020
Stacey in Soho
Smokin' in Sedona
Bride on the Tracks
San Francisco Alley
Ballet of Books
Tough News in Lyon, 2020
Night Desire
Kerouac Alley
Heading 6
Heading 6
The Haunted Bride
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