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I am a photographer of people. Whether a personal or corporate headshot, a family portrait, a custom portrait, a commercial modeling shot or 'look book', a fine art composite image, business development images, artistic nudes  or figure studies, the vast majority of my work involves photos of people.

Please contact me to discuss any 'people project' that you have in mind. I'll give you a competitive quote and work with you until you are completely satisfied.

You will find a page on this site devoted to understanding my pricing structure. Also, there is a 'SHOP' button above that will take you to my online store at 'Fine Art America'.



Model: Astrid Kallsen
Model: 'Melancholic'
Model: Nataliya Natta
Model:  Keira Grant

Currently Exhibiting in Milan, Italy

I just had two photos accepted to a very large, international exhibit at 'Spazio Tolomeo', in Milan, Italy. The show is located in the art and fashion center of Milan and will open in mid-January, 2023. After the show, I will have a rotating presentation of 6 photos on an Italian website for one year. Two of the photos included are shown below:


Model: Dakota Lee
Model: Keira Grant

I recently had the honor of shooting the cover photo for a new release by Grammy-Winning, Parma Recording.  Above is a photo of my client, world renowned violinist, composer, conductor, and soloist, Avner Finberg, DMA. Avner is the winner of multiple international awards and his new album, 'Four Seasons of Isolation', is a joy to anyone with a love of challenging, contemporary classical music. The release date was November 11, 2022.

'Warning in a Window'. An image from the series, 'Glass'. Washington, DC, USA, May 20, 2020
A Portion of a Review by 'Lens Culture Magazine'


.....Speaking about your technique, I would say that it is quite meticulous and detail oriented. Through an array of visual ingredients, each frame manifests the noise and overstimulation of the cityscape, with which the nameless person tries to get a grip on themselves. There is a melancholic feeling that emerges from the pictures, and the way you see the people around you. The glass is a barrier between you and the subject, that puts the viewer into a clearly observational mode. I see no defects in the pictures. The monochrome format provides the necessary abstraction to elevate the approach from simply representational to poetic. The snapshot aesthetic if you will, gives a sense of spontaneity in the work as the subject appears to be unprepared, therefore realistic, to be captured. This beautiful blend of poetry and spontaneity creates the fascination of the work.



In conclusion, I am delighted to tell you that your approach has a strong concept and aesthetic, solid execution of craft, and originality of vision.  You are not just curious about street photography; you love it. At the same time, your approach expresses artistic independence, and that's a lofty goal in and of itself.

From "Lens Culture" Magazine, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Editorial Review

This is one of the very top tier contemporary photography publications in the world. 


A Message in a Window hi res 3.03x4  jpeg.jpg

"I want to thank you so much for taking my portrait.  I can hardly wait for my next contact to ask me for a photo! You really were terrific and I usually hate to be in front of a camera........."  Viv. B

"We are so pleased with the headshots and group shot that you did for our management team.  The quick turnaround of proofs, final shots, and our large printed group photo really helped us get our new year off to a great start......" Jonathon M.

"Finally, we have a photo of my wife and me that we can be proud of.  We've tried several times in the past and either turn out looking like plastic dolls or like startled deer.  We asked you to have a large print on aluminum made for over our sofa and we get so many compliments.  Great job........." Michael J.

"Thank you so much for your patience and assistance in helping me assemble my modeling portfolio.  I'm so pleased with the prints and feel as if your work allows me to put my best foot forward......"  Marie A.

"It was an awfully cold day in January when we all went outside and you took a couple of portraits of our whole extended family.  We still talk about how patiently you set up your lights and equipment to ensure the best outcome.  How you handled all of those cords and lights with four grandkids running around is beyond us......." Max and Laura C.

"Great work!  My friends are asking where I got my latest web photos taken and I have been very pleased to pass your name along. Thanks for helping me with this daunting task......"  

Alice W.

Model: Lior Allay
Model: Katriella
Model: Dakota Lee
Model: Juliet Blue
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