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Preparing for Your Session









The first thing that you need to do in preparation for any kind of photo session is to have a clear idea of how you will be using your images, how you want them displayed, who will see them, and how you want to be seen.  There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.  The correct approach depends on your individual needs and, the more we discuss your wishes beforehand, the more successful your shoot will be.

Here are some general ideas that apply to a broad spectrum of clients:

  • If you wear makeup, please apply it before we meet.  You will have time for touchups as needed.

  • Check your hair for neatness.  Fly away hair shows up very clearly through a high end lens and it can be tricky to edit out.  If, on the other hand, you want to add some motion to your hair, you or I can supply a fan.

  • Try to allow your clothing to express your personality.  At the same time, stay away from highly patterned outfits since they will distract from you and possibly others in the shot.  A patterned scarf or tie is fine, though.  Even a small, expressive piece of jewelry can be given emphasis and can say a lot about you. Blacks, earth tones, reds, and white clothing work well.

  • Try to stay away from extensive use of yellow.

  • We need to speak in advance of your session regarding the kind of environment you want to be photographed in.  I can come to you, so corporate and environmental shots may require a preliminary visit so that I can determine the best lighting types to augment that which is already there.  I have an extensive travel kit and can meet you with strobes, speedlites, LEDS, and portable backgrounds.

  • Backgrounds are very important.  I can drop in a large variety of backgrounds in the editing process and they range in mood from high key to rather somber.  It's your choice.  Executive shots work best on location with a professional setting for a background.  










I have a highly skilled, professional makeup artist and stylist in the event that you would like one.  She charges a starting rate of $150/hour with discounts for groups of more than five people.

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