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  • All images are 11"x14" in size and look their most striking using a process called" dye sublimation on aluminum". Images in this format are very impactful and are contemporary, edgy wall art for your home or business.They are executed by the #1 rated print lab in the United States and have a life expectancy of over 100 years.  I have used this technique to present my work in exhibitions, private and business collections, and galleries throughout the country.  These are limited production images and are created in editions of 10.  They are ready to hang with one small hook or nail and are made to float about 3/4 inch off of your wall surface.  All images in this size sell for $175 (including shipping and handling) plus applicable sales tax.  The size can vary slightly depending on aspect ratios and I will always inform you if any changes are needed prior to ordering and shipping.  Much larger sizes of these images are also readily available and you can simply contact me for exact pricing.   I am including a video link so that you can get a better idea of how these are made and how they appear.  Please wait for the 5 second ad to end:



Any images appearing on my "Fine Arts Images" or "Abandoned and Neglected Architecture" pages can be purchased as per the above terms with the exception of "Molly Among the Flowers".  I can also send a much larger selection of both images and printing options upon request.  These include both framed and unframed paper prints, acrylic prints, and canvas wraps.  Please contact me for a full pricing menu for various modes of presentation and I will send you a digital price list.

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My Business Development Images for a Feature Story on a New Bridal Salon Were Just Published in "Inside Weddings", the Gold Standard of International Periodicals in this Venue.
My Photo Essay, "Anthurium, 2020: A Fever Dream", Was Just Published in "Private; Photo Review", as a Feature Piece. This Platform is Based in Saint-Brisson, France and has Been a Highly Regarded Voice for Avant Garde Photography in Europe Since 1991. 

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