Isolation, 2020

Model:  Dakota Snow

A full set of six high resolution, archival paper prints of this series is available for a cost of $270.  They will be delivered in a size approximately 6"x12" and will be ready to be framed in a ready made Nielsen Bainbridge frame that is available through Amazon or at Michaels or Art Supply stores.  You would use an 11"x14" frame, the included mount board, and you would need to have matts cut in the appropriate size.  This would provide you with the opportunity to own and display a series of 6 Fine Art Prints that are a direct reflection of our time.

I can also have larger prints made on a variety of substrates like aluminum, wood, acrylic, or canvas   available in a wide variety of sizes that create highly     impactful wall art for your personal or business space.   

My Business Development Images for a Feature Story on a New Bridal Salon Were Just Published in "Inside Weddings", the Gold Standard of International Periodicals in this Venue.
My Photo Essay, "Anthurium, 2020: A Fever Dream", Was Just Published in "Private; Photo Review", as a Feature Piece. This Platform is Based in Saint-Brisson, France and has Been a Highly Regarded Voice for Avant Garde Photography in Europe Since 1991. 

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